Auger Power Jockey Wheel

If you're sick and tired of the back breaking and dangerous task of lugging your auger around the yard, we have the solution... the Power Wheel.

The Power Wheel

The Power Wheel is a self propelled electric jockey wheel for your auger, powered from the auger motor 12 volt battery.

It’s simple yet robust design takes the pain out of moving your auger/grain mover.

$3,500 + $350 GST

No lifting, No pushing

Engineered for ease of use, the Power wheel makes the difficult task of moving and placing an auger in and under a silo easy.

Simply drive the auger into position and lower the break whinch.

Worm-drive gearbox to prevent free-wheeling.

Brake winch system for safe raising and lowering.

Suits any diameter auger.

Simple retracting design for easy towing.

What Our Customers Say

“My back is thanking me every day.”

Joe Fitzgerald

“Simple but effective.”

Doug Black

“You’d be silly to move an auger without one.”

Dave Smith

Contact Us

if you would like to purchase a Power Wheel or would like more information please contact us.

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